Anderson Lee Aldrich, Colorado Springs Shooter, Club Q

Late Saturday night, November 19th, 2023, Anderson Lee Aldrich entered Club Q in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and according to local police, immediately opened fire killing 5 and injuring at least 19 others.

I personally have a first cousin that is LGBTQ, and because of her, have been to several LGBTQ events in the Twin Cities, Minnesota and find this community to be impressively open and welcoming to all people. I do not have any hatred toward any individuals, even though I do disagree with homosexuality because of religious reasons. I have noted that recently, many members of the LGBTQ community have turned to become Republicans, a trend in which I welcome! Come one, come all, we have lots of open chairs for you! Sit down, kick your feet up. The party is more fun on this side! Grab some popcorn and pass it around!

President Joe Biden and His “Gun Stance”

While I doubt that it’s actually Biden who is creating and posting these tweets (that indeed is a topic all on its own), note how much he stresses GUNS and “gun violence”. Biden has a track record of stressing GUNS and “gun violence” immediately each time there is a tragedy of this type. And it really isn’t anything about your safety that is of concern here. His full intent is to take guns away from law abiding citizens so that he can enact totalitarian rule, against an unarmed populous. So much for Democracy, eh?

I don’t own any guns myself and I never intend to. However, I fully respect the right of others to own them. We have a “Second Amendment” of the US Constitution in the United States that allows citizens to “bear arms”. And it’s not about hunting. It’s about protecting ourselves against a fascist government. And this is what Joe Biden and the Democrats HATE.

A Hate-Filled LEFTY YouTuber

However, The Humanist Report mentions “Libs of TikTok” and says that “Aldrich was whipped into a frenzy by hatemongers online”. He fails, however, to provide any proof or direct connection.

This is just one more example of the wacko LEFT jumping the gun to blame violence on Republicans any chance they can get. And they have so far, ALWAYS been found to be wrong in the end, that these people committing the atrocities end up actually being lefty wackos themselves.

So it will really be sad if Anderson Lee Aldrich turns out to be yet another lefty wacko committing violence, especially since he has already been accused of being a far right hatemonger. Since The Humanist Report, with 384K subscribers, has already gone on a serious rampage promoting this idea, if Aldrich is proven to be a LEFTY, will he apologize? Nope. People of this hateful ilk never do. It’s all about agenda, with them, not truth, not ethics, not integrity, and definitely not your safety.

I find it both appalling and sad, that those claiming so much to “hate hatred” and “hate violence” are the ones actually being the most HATEFUL and VIOLENT. If Democrats didn’t have “double standards”, they’d have no standards at all…

What Is The Motive?

Richard Fierro, Hero, US Army Veteran

Colorado’s Red Flag Law

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser said that it is too early to make any decisions as to whether Colorado’s red flag law should have been implemented in Aldrich’s case. He said that he and his team are studying what has happened to learn what may have been missed and how to do better in the future.

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