Chris Record is launching a $5 Funnel, allowing the average affiliate marketer a way to produce record growth in their own home business! You get master resell rights to an 8 hour video course showing everyone a simple six figure Facebook marketing strategy they can employ with just their personal Facebook profile and zero paid ads!

Brian Lathe
7 min readMay 18, 2024
Chris Record is launching this 8 hour video course as a $5 Funnel. As an affiliate marketer of our system, you get master reseller rights and 100% commissions on sales of this 8 hour video course!
Chris Record produced an 8 hour video course showing everyone how they can utilize just their own Facebook personal profile to produce an annual six figure income with no paid ads. This course is sold through our affiliates for just $5 and we keep 100% commissions on sales!

Meta Marketing Masterclass — it’s just $5!

Chris Record spent 5 days sharing with us through zoom calls, what will become his “Meta Marketing Masterclass”. These 5 zoom calls are currently being edited and will be produced into an 8 hour course with 5 modules.

  • Module 1 — Facebook Foundations: When to focus on your personal brand vs a faceless brand. How to significantly increase engagement on the content you post to your personal profile. What NOT to do on Facebook that can kill your reach.
  • Module 2 — Mastering the Facebook Algorithm: How the Facebook algorithm works. How to make simple and subtle changes to your content strategy that can 10x the engagement you are currently getting. Which content types most effectively boost the Facebook algorithm to your favor. Show examples of massive growth.
  • Module 3 — The Social Selling System: When you are marketing on Facebook your goal is to turn all of this content and engagement and likes into actual traffic, leads, and sales for your business. This is done in a very specific way that incorporates an invisible selling method, as well as introducing concepts such as power of positioning, authority, leverage, and the KLT factor!
  • Module 4 — Creating Compelling Content: Create content that will actually get engagement. Several examples of types of content that has viral potential, as well as content that can generate a lot of business organically. The goal here is to find a content style that works for you, and stick with it over time where you keep improving!
  • Module 5 — Levelling Up Your Direct Messaging Game: By this point if you’ve been following the game plan, then you should be getting direct messages from your friends and followers, wanting more information about your business, products, and/or services. Now it’s time to level up your conversational game, and learn how to hold multiple conversations at the same time, bouncing back and forth with ease, and using time to your advantage to create smart responses that result in higher conversions for your own business!

I will have access to sell you this course for just $5.00! You will have 8 hours of powerful knowledge that will vastly improve your marketing skills on Facebook. Chris shared his knowledge. Chris spent his time and resources to edit this into clean video modules. Chris is also developing the websites through which I can sell this to you. And as an affiliate, I get to keep 100% of the commissions!

100% commissions are exciting, and you can earn them too! Please feel free to ask me how.

Invisible Selling Method

Do you see that under “Module 3” above, it has the words invisible selling method? You may not know what that means and be just a little confused. That’s completely ok. I will explain.

Back several years ago, Chris Record became the top affiliate marketer for a website called Shopify. This is a website you may have heard of before as it is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms. Even if you have not heard of it, but you’ve made purchases online, you may have actually used the platform without knowing it. You heard of this partly through the efforts of Chris Record, as he became the #1 referring affiliate for the platform vastly improving it’s growth and recognition.

Chris built his referral empire in Shopify through what he calls his “Invisible Selling Method”. What Chris did is he had a 90 Day Ecommerce Challenge, which he gave away for FREE! In the challenge, one of the steps was to start a Shopify account. Chris didn’t say he was selling you a shopify account. Chris told you he was teaching you ecommerce through a 90 Day Challenge. So once you accepted his FREE offer of the 90 Day Challenge, he “invisibly” sold you into Shopify.

Master Reseller Rights (MRR)

Through this $5 Masterclass, Chris is letting us tap into his skills as an expert in his “invisible selling” strategy. We become master resellers of his $5 masterclass. We, in turn, receive a website where we can offer this course to others for $5. And we keep 100% on all sales!

Keeping 100% commissions like this is vary rare, especially for something well written by an established 8 figure online marketer.

What is a $5 Funnel?

Because Go High Level has all the tools needed to host a website, collect a lead, produce a sale that pays you directly, interface directly with Internet Income System, and even host the training content you are selling, Internet Income System is able to provide a “snapshot” that you can load into your own Go High Level account. That “snapshot” loads all of the websites, content, and coding needed for you to have a fully loaded done for you website that is ready to generate leads and produce sales for you.

The funnel sells Chris Records’ Meta Marketing Masterclass for $5.00 and you keep 100% of the profits. By being an active affiliate of Internet Income System, you have full Master Reseller Rights for all of the $5 Funnels we create. The Meta Marketing Masterclass is simply our first one, and we plan to offer more. All of these $5 Funnels are lead magnets that attract more potential clients to you.

What is a Buyers List?

When any of your “leads” purchase the $5 Meta Marketing Masterclass course, they become a “buyers list” for you. This is a higher quality lead than someone who just requested information. This is someone you should begin to build a deeper relationship with and help them go through the Meta Marketing Masterclass course. Because through this course, they can join Internet Income Systems, Lifepreneur, and Friend Filter also under you.

What is the future potential?

You have potential to learn how to create a $100,000 annual income simply from your personal Facebook profile without running paid ads. You have the potential to join me in Lifepreneur and/or Internet Income System and build an additional six figure income through it. You have the potential to become a “Super Affiliate” and have your affiliate links to dozens of affiliate programs shown to thousands of people. I am ready to help you along on this journey.

What is Internet Income System?

Internet Income System is a community built upon training that helps every network marketer succeed in online business. As you bring your team into IIS, they have the opportunity to buy core IIS products, as well as follow you into several affiliate businesses such as Lifepreneur, Go High Level, Friend Filter and others.

What is Lifepreneur?

Lifepreneur is a mindset and skills training platform launching in June 2024 by Chris Record. As an active affiliate of Internet Income System and a member of Lifepreneuer (you must be both), you can offer others a 30 day trial in Lifepreneur. If your 30 day trial takers upgrade, you earn ongoing 40% referral commissions on their Lifepreneur membership. Lifepreneur has an exclusive affiliate relationship with Internet Income System.

What is Go High Level?

GoHighLevel, also known as HighLevel, is an all-in-one CRM marketing platform designed for network marketing and small business. It streamlines tasks by offering features like lead capture, sales funnels, email marketing, website building, and even built-in communication tools like SMS and voicemail. Essentially, it helps you manage your customer journey from attracting leads to closing deals, all under one roof.

What is Friend Filter?

Friend Filter is a Facebook social media tool that helps you manage your friend list. It can analyze how much your friends interact with you, identify those who are inactive, and even allow you to bulk remove them. Removing non-engaging friends actually helps increase your engagement. It may also be necessary if you have too many friends and can no longer add anymore, due to Facebook’s 5000 friend maximum.

What is a Super Affiliate?

“Super Affiliate” is a special status in the Internet Income System business. You achieve this status by earning $10,000 in cumulative commissions in IIS core products, such as Builder, Creator, Mentor and Master. IIS does have other product offerings, but these are affiliate products found in the IIS “marketplace” or “internet income store” and affiliate commissions earned with these products are not included in the $10,000. Remember, to earn “Super Affiliate”, you need to earn $10,000 in cumulative commissions from IIS core products only.

Once you have achieved the special status of “Super Affiliate”, you have significant power over your income! From this point on, the default referral links in the “marketplace” or “internet income store” of all team members below you, are your affiliate link. Each member gets a chance to swap them out to their own, but until they do that, the default link is yours. What this does, is gives you a wider net upon which your affiliate link has a chance to be clicked by IIS members on your team.

This “Super Affiliate” distinction is very unique to Internet Income System. In all other training communities that have used a similar format to the one that IIS is using, the company has retained all the default affiliate links company wide. This means by participating in those businesses, the company gains far more income and prestige than they are letting on to you, at a loss to you, who actually referred them the business.

Go High Level, Friend Filter, and Lifepreneur are parts of Internet Income System where you would have the chance to earn higher incomes by having your affiliate link be the default link in your organizational IIS referral team.