Disrupt the Ride! Join the Transportation Revolution with REVO Rideshare (Free to Join!)

Brian Lathe
2 min readMay 21, 2024

Tired of the same old ride-sharing giants? Lyft, Uber, Gab?

Feeling like they nickel and dime you every ride, with surge pricing and hidden fees? Well, get ready to ditch these apps that leave you stranded (and broke) because a transportation revolution is here, and you can be a part of it!

Introducing REVO Rideshare, the all-new ridesharing app that puts passengers first. We’re shaking things up with a driver-centric, fair-priced model that benefits everyone.

Here’s why you’ll LOVE being a FREE REVO Rideshare Affiliate:

  • It’s FREE to Join! That’s right, no signup fees, no hidden costs. Just pure earning potential.
  • Be a Ride-Sharing Hero! Promote a ridesharing alternative that prioritizes safety, affordability, and exceptional service.
  • Earn Easy Commissions! Every time someone signs up as a driver or rider through your unique affiliate link, you earn commissions each time they ride or drive through our app.
  • Long Term Residual Income! You earn on going commissions forever, for each ride and driver, but your riders and drivers are affiliates too. You are paid through 5 levels of riders and drivers in your organization, each time they take a ride or drive!

Ready to join the ride-sharing revolution? Don’t get left behind! Sign up as a FREE affiliate today. Refer riders and drivers and build a big team worldwide! Together, let’s disrupt the ride-sharing industry and create a transportation system that works for everyone!