Facebook Friend Request Issues (discussion)

Brian Lathe
4 min readMay 29, 2024
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Scammers Copying My Profile

When someone copies my profile, they are simply creating a NEW Facebook profile by using my name, my images, and my content. This does not mean I have been HACKED, because they can do all of this without HACKING my account. HACKING means they have compromised my password. They have not compromised my password, they are not logging into and using my account. They are creating a new account by completely stealing my identity, images, and content. This should be a crime.

Today, many scammers are copying profile names and profile pictures and trying to represent themselves as the person they are copying. I’m going to show two ways scammers are then trying to befriend or confuse you into thinking they are the the genuine person you are trying to follow. Learn more about the befriend and confuse tactics by reading below.

Engagement (Befriend Tactic)

An example of COMMENT engagement.
An example of LIKE engagement.

If you engage with the person you are following, you might later see a friend request from that person. Many people on a daily basis are now asking me if I am sending them friend requests. If you’re already my friend, I am not sending you new friend requests. But when you are my friend on Facebook, there are people pretending to be me, that are sending you friend requests after you engage on my posts. I keep my friend list private, but when you engage with my post, you unfortunately make yourself visible to the public. I do want you to engage with me. I also want Facebook to be more diligent in not letting people with the same name and same profile picture reach out to people who engage on my posts. I’m sure they can figure out how to do that. The steps I take, is I frequent search the names on Facebook looking for people who may be copying my identity, and I block them.

Facebook Comments (Confusion Tactic)

Brian Lathe — Facebook Comment
This is an example of a Facebook comment, where the “author” of the post commented in his/her own comments. Scammers will use the “confusion” tactic to try to befriend you and think they are me through comments.

I just noticed today, that Facebook is including the “Author” status for a comment. This will now make it easier to distinguish whether the author themselves have commented in their own post, or if someone simply copying their name and profile image is commenting on the post.

Friend Request Scam Tactics

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Friend Filter

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