Medium Blogging Success Journey. Over 1,700 VIEWS and more than 1,000 READS for May 2024! 80+ signups into Uprock!

Brian Lathe
8 min readMay 25, 2024
May 2024 is my most successful month blogging on Medium. Best month in all statistical categories. With an amazing result of having more than 80 personally referred signups into my Uprock business!

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80+ Signups into Uprock

One article that I wrote on May 1st is responsible for the vast majority of those views and reads. It was an article about Uprock, a new crypto launch product on the Solana blockchain. This article also brought at least 80 new personally referred signups into my Uprock business. This is a success result that gets me very excited. I set a goal to bring 200 people into Uprock in the month of May and so far, I’ve brought in 166. With half of those coming from my blog, it is very exciting and gives me a strong reason to be more and more consistent in my blogging efforts here on Medium!

What are the hot May 2024 stats?

Views: 1,700. Reads: 1,000. Number of followers: 37. Number of email subscribers: 5. These are all monthly bests for me.

My hot personal business trends include…

  • October 2023 (4 weeks), I referred 100 people personally to $OTX Exchange.
  • Late Dec 2023 & Early Jan 2024 (3 weeks), I personally referred 120 people into Quantum Club.
  • My goal for May 2024 is to refer 200 people into Uprock.
  • My goal for Lifepreneur is to invite more than 500 people to the FREE 30 day trial by the end of July 2024.
  • August I am likely going to focus on Mavie Global.

Medium Blogging Goals Moving Forward

Now that I’m freshly off a month of breaking all of my previous high stats in one single month, I have gained a new outlook of what I’m wanting to create on my blog going forward.

I believe I can “coast” and always hit a daily view count of 30 views. So I want to maintain that on even my worst days I always stay above 30 views. Staying consistent with content should deliver that alone. But if I can create outstanding articles at least on a weekly basis I should be able to get this number to climb quite a bit.

Content consistency is definitely something I need to work on. And finding the content areas that my readers want most is also what I’m wanting to find and deliver to them.

I want to consistently add 40 new followers each month and 10 new subscribers each month. These are higher levels than I’ve ever achieved. But this is the real measure of success, even more important than the views and reads.

What was May 2024 like for me personally?

Personally, I had a log of growth in May 2024. Internet Income System has been a business I have been involved with for some time and during the month of April, I learned that it was going to re-invent itself. I also learned that Chris Record would be launching Lifepreneur in June.

This set me up for “needing” some short term goal to set in May, because I already knew ahead of time that June, as soon as Lifepreneur launches, that I want to focus hard on building that to be my biggest success yet. What seemed to fit the best into that gap, was Uprock. I posted a few social media posts, I announced it in my WhatsApp groups, and I wrote the article on my blog. The article on my blog really made an impact.

This whole month, I have been involved with Chris Record daily zoom calls. May 13th — May 17th, I learned an exciting six figure Facebook personal profile marketing strategy that can produce six figures annually. These zoom calls will be turned into an 8 hour video course that I will be selling for $5. This creates a lead magnet that I can use to create a buyers list for my business. Please read more about that here, my blog article.

On the second week of May, I learned about the REVO Rideshare business. This is an exciting FREE affiliate program that pays through 5 levels of riders, drivers and affiliates in a BETA launching ride share app that competes against Uber, Lyft, and Grab worldwide. Please read about that with this article on my blog.

A business I have been with for nearly two years now, Mavie Global, has had some exciting announcements this month. They have partnered with FinUp, which includes an AI crypto trading bot that is producing 16% average monthly trading gains since October 2022. Flip Me (partner) is now beta testing with more than 10,000 Mavie Global beta testing members in more than 80 countries. The beta test is going very well. Lotto Day (partner) is adding new games and new blockchains to its gaming platform. The $ULX coin is still doing well and Ultron Foundation (partner) is attending more and more blockchain events around the world and establishing new partnerships of its own! June 18th is when FinUp is officially launching. July 18th we will be having our first official one month results on the crypto trading bot. August is when I’m expecting

This month, I also started establishing a private community on @Locals. While most things are do are things that expand my reach, this community allows me to post articles, videos, and livestreams that will allow me to have more in-depth training and relationship building with my community. I noticed that a few people I was following on YouTube started talking about their @Locals community and decided to start one myself. I will have many upcoming blog articles and YouTube/Rumble videos on @Locals, sharing how my community is growing and also showing how you also can expand your business by having your own @Locals community. In the process of building out this community, I also came across Patreon and Skool. An upcoming blog article will compare these platforms to @Locals.

Facebook Strategy

Chris Record gave us an exciting 5 day Facebook marketing strategy that can help all of us develop a six figure income with our personal profiles on Facebook. It doesn’t involved using any paid ads, just the natural organic use of the algorithm. I’m exciting about employing this strategy personally. I can also sell this strategy as an 8 hour course titled, “Meta Marketing Masterclass” for just $5.00. I will be creating some blog articles as well as several YouTube/Rumble videos on how my strategy is progressing, including discussion of Friend Filter, a tool that helps me find non-engaging Facebook friends and removing them.

Please request friendship from me on Facebook. Also, send me a private messenger message with “MMM” so I know that you are coming from this blog article. Also follow me on Instagram, YouTube and Rumble.

Through my involvement with Chris Record who is the main trainer for Internet Income System, I have dramatically improved my Facebook engagement and I now know exactly who my top 800 engagers are! Chris has taught me how to use my profile, how to better utilize my friends list, private messaging, as well as stories and reels. He even taught me some exciting video editing tips with Cap Cut, which will improve my Facebook reels, as well as my video efforst on Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, TikTok, YouTube and Rumble. You can become involved in this learning by learning more about Internet Income System and Lifepreneur.

Community Strategy

@Locals is a new addition to my “tool chest” for the month of May. It is a FREE platform that allows me to invite community members to join in a more private community where the content is exclusively mine. It is available through a website, and also through Android and iPhone mobile apps.

As I publish content, my members will receive email notifications of each post, right as it happens. If my members have also downloaded the app, they will get mobile notifications as well. This is good because YouTube and other social media platforms may be limited in the number of notifications they will send to followers if I happen to publish a lot of content that day. My @Locals community therefore is a great “backup” for notifications in addition to other benefits with the content I can publish there.

The content on @Locals will be more related to indepth training and deeper relationship building with my community. Posts that are more helpful to my community. Content created on other platforms might be designed specifically for that platform’s algorithm and also to create engagement. In this @Locals private community, there is no algorithm to please, so it’s all content that is helpful for the community. The engagement inside the community is a way for you to learn more and also learn from other community members who most likely want the same goals out of life that you do.

  • To join my @Locals community, please click here.
  • To see a video explaining how to use my @Locals community, please click here for YouTube and/or Rumble.

How I am executing an Email Strategy.

By using a “hack” with GMail, I am able to email 500 of my most responsive email subscribers each and every day. Through My Lead Gen System, I am able to email 1,000 fresh leads each and every day. I also have three FREE platforms I am using that when I publish content on them, they will send email announcements to those who have subscribed to those platforms.

In addition to all of those strategies, I also have a few additional platforms that have automated messages that are sent to people in a sequence as well as platforms that I can send a broadcast message to a larger list.

  • For information about My Lead Gen System, please click here.
  • To learn more about the three FREE platforms, please click here.
  • To learn more about the GMail hack, please click here.

Chris Record teaches video editing with Cap Cut and graphics creation with Canva.

On Friday May 24th, Chris Record taught us how to edit videos in a dynamic way with Cap Cut. I have not yet used Cap Cut for video editing, so I am excited about giving it a try. For a while now I have been wanting to find one simple program to use for video editing and it appears that Cap Cut is the answer to that need.

In previous zooms, Chris Record showed us many examples of how to use Canva to create new graphics content as well as edit graphics. Canva is exciting and simple to use and is now my go to application for graphics creation and editing.

You can learn about content creation including graphics and video by becoming involved with Lifepreneur and Internet Income Systems, please message me on WhatsApp or Facebook for more information. If we are not friends on Facebook, I recommend messaging me on WhatsApp, as messages from non-Facebook friends do not go in my Facebook Messenger inbox and it will be significantly harder for me to reply to you.