Minnesota Vikings Management Has Given Up On The NFL Season. No Playoffs. No Super Bowl.

Brian Lathe
3 min readJan 6, 2024

At the start of the Minnesota Vikings NFL season…

At the start of this season, I read through the Minnesota Vikings NFL season schedule and predicted it would be a 5–12 season. I posted this on my Facebook profile. One of my Facebook followers commented that they didn’t think we’d win even 5 games, and were asking me which ones I thought would be winners.

Then we lost Kirk Cousins. The next game, our 25-year-old rookie, Jaren Hall was injured. Fortunately, we had traded and received Joshua Dobbs by Wednesday of that week, and despite having no practice time, Josh turned the game around and led us to victory. We’re likely to end the season 7–10 and I am attributing those 2 extra glorious wins to #15, Joshua Dobbs.

Minnesota Vikings Management Has Given Up On This NFL Season!

Nick Mullens threw four interceptions and was replaced in the next game by Jaren Hall, who had recovered from his injury earlier in the season. Jaren, also, unfortunately, did not help the Minnesota Vikings beat the border rival Green Bay Packers.

I didn’t realize at first that there was only one game left this season. I was reviewing decisions that Vikings management was making, and thought to myself. I thought, wow, the management has given up on this season.

Then I saw this…

Current playoff scenario for the Minnesota Vikings. Not looking good with only one game left in the season.

With Minnesota Vikings playoff hopes essentially shattered, the management has given up on all our hopes for the season. Likely, because we won’t even make the playoffs, even if we win in our regular season final game against the Detroit Lions.

Joshua Dobbs

I wish we had been able to see more of Joshua Dobbs. I love that guy. I’m still wanting to have his #15 DOBBS jersey. I’m so thankful I had a chance through the Minnesota Vikings to get to know that this phenomenal human, Joshua Dobbs, exists, and wherever he lands, I am hoping he turns the rest of his playable years into an amazing career. I read up on his stories and saw so many reactions from all of his fans from his college days in Tennessee to his time in Atlanta and his time in Arizona. His fans love him, and I count myself as another of his tribe.

Minnesota Vikings have faced hardships and endured suffering…

All these years we Minnesota Vikings fans suffered with a field goal kicker who couldn’t kick a field goal to save the planet. To save the universe. Dobbs one fumble and they cut him. Management also was trying to blame the receiver injuries on Dobbs. Well, TJ Hawkings, our best tight end, was injured during the quarterbacking of Nick Mullens. Mullens threw four interceptions, to then be replaced by Jaren Hall. I say we just had a lousy year with injuries. I think Dobbs was the highlight of our season. He was the spark of joy for me.

I am potentially an NFL “free agent” fan

I’m trying HARD here to be a fan of the Minnesota Vikings. I blame it on our coaching. I don’t think Minnesota will win with these coaches. So, I might eat more cheese and hope that something that reminds me of cheese will come along. Does a Minnesota Vikings fan eat anything in particular to celebrate their fandom? Thinking of eating cheese makes me happy for some reason. Give me some cheese, yawl. I would say give me some corn, but Iowa doesn’t have an NFL team. I don’t like the Chicago Bears. I don’t like the Detroit Lions. I’m going to grab a glass of milk and ponder on this potential to be a “free agent” and find another team to fan out about.


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