Multiple Streams of Income

I have several businesses that are providing positive streams of income on a daily basis right now! I’m constantly evaluating businesses and looking for ones that offer the following criteria:

  • Businesses that are potentially long lasting are given a higher priority.
  • Easy to do and easy to explain.
  • Have a referral bonus. Higher priority is given to opportunities that provide a “team building” referral bonus.
  • Businesses that are synergistic with other businesses that I have.

Top Passive Income Streams for December 2023

Ad Staker

Ad Staker has been paying me very well. I started out by funding it with $1400. I’ve drawn out well over $2,000 and left $600 remaining inside Ad Staker and now building that back up to fund new projects. Ad Staker already funded my passive incomes in Nomiswap, Pizza Tower, and Liberium Crypto. I’m currently using referral revenues from Ad Staker to fund AXT Staking. I’m letting my daily staking rewards compound.

Right now, Ad Staker is paying 1% to 5% daily!!

Ad Staker requires the purchase and staking of 50 $ADSTKR tokens from pancakeswap on Binance Smart Chain using either a metamask or trust wallet. If you need any help, please click on the Application For Whatsapp Chat link, fill out the form completely, and I will reach out to you.


Nomiswap is an excellent DEX on the Binance Smart Chain. You will need metamask to use this website. Through Nomiswap, I will teach you how to yield farm for amazing passive income!

I am currently using $NMX profits that I harvest weekly from Nomiswap to buy more $AXT token and stake it to receive BITCOIN weekly. Please see the $AXT Staking business for details. If you need any help with Nomiswap, please join the WhatsApp Chat Group and request help via text message!

Pizza Tower

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Taking PROFITS From Those Above, To Build These…

AXT Staking

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Immortal Blockchain Legends

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Leads Leap

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Health and Nutrition


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