OTX (Open Trade Exchange) Air Drop — $50 million! The Biggest Ever Air Drop in Crypto History!! 250K OTX holders in 4 days!!

Brian Lathe
5 min readOct 15, 2023
I am excited about having 200 members of my OTX Exchange team so quickly!

My Open Trade Exchange Team Has Grown to 200+ Members!

My team has grown to 200 members in just four days! This is super exciting fast growth. I now own 601 $OTX coins, but this number is definitely growing each and every hour as my team is all around the world. Someone is awake at all hours of the day and bringing in new members of my team, so this is literally growing each and every hour! Even when I sleep!

Why should you join this Open Trade Exchange $OTX air drop?

First of all, it is FREE. It costs you nothing. So go ahead and claim your 10 FREE $OTX coins!

You don’t need any special wallets or any special knowledge. All you need is an email address. This is exceptionally good for anyone who currently doesn’t own any crypto at all. You have an ability right now, to claim these 10 coins, refer a few friends, and start building a HUGE crypto empire for yourself, even if you are limited on funds and/or don’t have any crypto right now. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge or experience, I will help you learn everything you need to know! But you can definitely get started right now!

Crypto Adoption — 15X Growth over the NEXT 5 Years!

Crypto adoption is coming! This OTX Air Drop is one way that you can take advantage of profitting from this fast moving trend. Join my Whatsapp Chat to stay on top of ways you can make money money in crypto!

Right now, there are 400 million crypto wallets. Take a look at the yellow slice of the pie on the left hand side chart. That is what 400 million looks like in the current population. We who are currently users of crypto are the minority of the population. But in the next 5 years, experts are predicting that crypto adoption will boom with 15X growth. Take a look at te yellow slice of the pie in the right hand side chart. Even as the world population grows quite a bit over the next 5 years, those who have adopted crypto will become the vast majority of that population!

So learn how to position yourself multiple ways to PROFIT from this trend!

Being involved in the $OTX air drop and to be able to take advantage of the growth of this project from the very early days is one way. And here is why… The Open Trade Exchange is using several strategies to get the project infused into unbanked areas of the world. They will also appeal greatly to people who have never touched the world of crypto yet!

  1. $OTX has created a special program where local area leaders, people who live in unbanked areas of the world, can buy a portion of coins and receive a one time extra bonus coins for doing so. They get to keep the bonus coins as their own, but they can resell the coins they buy in the local fiat currency of that area to their community and following. After selling the coins to an individual, they can help that individual set up a wallet and receive those coins. This will greatly help the world that is currently unbanked have a chance to begin partaking in the crypto revolution! This will create a large community for this coin, that is loyal mainly to the $OTX coin and therefore will be less likely to dump it for quick profits. Because they simply won’t have the mindset or understanding yet to dump the coin. They’ll be crypto newbies!
  2. The current ongoing $OTX air drop is helping everyone with an email address claim 10 coins of their own, with an optional referral program to gain even more! This will also help unbanked and people new to crypto! Many of these people could be new to crypto as well, and especially if they recruit a large team, they could be champions for the project and want to hold their coins long term without dumping them for quick profits.

My Thoughts On $OTX’s “Crypto Adoption” Program

I really feel that based on #1 and #2 above, that OTX (Open Trade Exchange) has a great plan for helping those newer to crypto and those previously unable to enter the market have a chance to become involved and to become champions for the project. I am really excited about the potential here.

My Future Thoughts On The $OTX Coin Itself

I am not a financial planner, this is just my own “normal guy” opinion, so please read what I have to say and apply your own due diligence as well.

What we have here is a coin, that is a blockchain and a decentralized exchange with a future in building out a centralized exchange, an NFT marketplace, and an education and training environment. Loosely, this would be similar to Binance Exchange or Crypto Dot Com coming to you in their early formulation stages and offering you 10 free coins. Today, the $BNB and $CRO coins are highly esteemed crypto coins as they are both blockchains and exchanges.

Also, because many will be able to adopt the coin through #1 and #2 above, and also because of the building out of the educational and training environment, this will also become a “community coin”. Kind of like a meme coin, but a coin that is indeed a blockchain and has real life utility as well. I am very sure that “memes” will be developed by the community for the coin, to help celebrate it’s community status. We will have something like the “OTX Army”, or something similar.

$BNB right now has a $32 billion dollar marketcap. Our coin will not reach the market cap and network potential of the $BNB coin in the immediate future. But let’s say that we could do 30% of that and reach $10 billion marketcap, or roughly, the size of DOGE Coin. When that happens, each $OTX coin will be worth $18.18. I’m not promising that it’s going to hit $18.18, but this is a ball park area of where it could get to within the next two years!

How Do You Get Involved?

First, you need an invitation link. Here is mine:

On this registration, please enter your email address and submit. The system will then send a code, called an OTP code (one time password) to your email address. Go to your email and get that OTP code and come back to the registration and enter the code from your email. Then finish the rest of the registration. Congrats! You now own 10 FREE $OTX coins and you can begin to refer others!

I invite you to REGISTER and then get connected to my Brian’s Bitcoin Buddies Whatsapp Chat, where I will share updates of the OTX Open Trade Exchange program.

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