Ray Higdon — Time, Money, Freedom network marketing “boot camp” — Nov 2023 & Now Site

Brian Lathe
3 min readNov 19, 2023
Tom Chenault holding up a copy of Ray & Jessica Higdon’s book, “Time Money Freedom”

Time Money Freedom & Ray Higdon

A few years back, Ray & Jessica Higdon wrote a book, “Time Money Freedom”. I recently attended a 3 day immersive “boot camp” style training event put together by Ray Higdon and his team.

My takeaways from the event are:

  • I need to do more up to 1 minute (maximum) short form videos and post them to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Rumble, Linked In and Twitter. Ray says that short form videos (a.k.a. “reels”) are the best way to get me in front of more and more new potential people who can join into my audience.
  • I need to develop systems to help me answer repetitive questions and also to help me onboard my new members and get them moving faster.

I will have access to the recordings, so as I am able to re-listen to the recordings I may pick up more takeaways from this event.

Tom & Adrian Chenault & Now Site

In the picture, Tom Chenault is the gentleman that is holding up Ray Hidgon’s book. Tom and his son Adrian Chenault had been working on a project called Contact Mapping for several years. Recently, Contact Mapping has merged into Now Site. Adrian Chenault has joined Now Site as the Vice President of Business Development while Tom is on board as an advisor.

Now Site goes beyond the Contact Mapping Merger

Now Site has gone beyond the Contact Mapping merger and done much more. While the Contact Mapping merger was taking place, Now Site was integrating artificial intelligence into it’s technology mix. With Now Site, you can now access artificial intelligence to help you build single emails or even complete email sequences. In addition to writing the emails and Now Site incorporating a full follow-up and broadcast capable email marketing system, users of Now Site can also access the artificial intelligence to design landing pages with lead capture capabilities and full websites. Now Site also offers the ability to utilize artificial intelligence to generate social media posts, respond to other people’s social media posts and even suggest posts for you to add to your social media content campaigns.

This has been quite the makeover from regular drag and drop web page builders to a full on embracement of artificial intelligence in helping the average ordinary network marketer build their business online. It’s really an affordable game changer for every network marketer.

Now Site Collaborations

Now Site has collaborated with many network marketing professionals. Recent collaborations include Stormy Wellington and Ray Higdon. Stormy helped Now Site develop a “STAR” system in developing a social media content strategy. Ray Higdon is adding his experience as a trainer and network marketing coach to Now Site. Now Site will use Ray’s experience to build an A.I. chat bot that is fully trained on Ray’s books and training and ready to coach you to take your business to the next level. You can interact with the Ray Higdon A.I. chat bot and gain from Ray’s knowledge as a member of Now Site.

Now Site & Eric Worre

The future of Now Site starting on December 1st, 2023 includes Eric Worre. Now Site founder Justin Belaboba likens it to a “marriage”, but assures the Now Site community that he is still the majority owner of Now Site. Apparently, Eric Worre has now purchased part ownership of Now Site and will be advocating for the usage of Now Site among his community and followers.

Members who are part of Now Site right now will be “grandfathered” and allowed to participate in Now Site’s current 3+ level network marketing referral commission program. However, any Now Site member that joins on and after December 1st, will only have access to a single level 30% affiliate program. Now Site has explained that this is the agreement made with Eric Worre, that will position Now Site as not competing against the network marketing industry, as that is the industry it primarily serves.

GoPro Xperience The Wake Up Call

Eric Worre is having his own excitement with his Dec 1–3, 2023 online event, “Xperience The Wake Up Call”. I am expecting that during this event, he will formally announce his acquiring and involvement with Now Site.