REVODAO, Revolution Land — Paying up to 1.3% DAILY, 7 Days A Week! — Gaming & Metaverse

Brian Lathe
3 min readNov 9, 2023
REVODAO, Revolution Land, $REVO on Binance Smart Chain
$REVO from GeckoTerminal, coin price took a little dip, but it’s on LOW VOLUME. I’m going to buy up a few dips and accumulate more of these coins and position this stronger into my portfolio.

Low Marketcap ($27 million) & Paying Up To 1.3% Daily in Staking

REVODAO (what I am calling it), is paying up to 1.3% daily when you buy 500 coins minimum and stake them. They have 80% of the total coin tokenomics specially earmarked for staking rewards, so the 1.3% daily is sustainable for a good long time.

By #1 in the picture above, I want to point out that the daily volume is not high in this project. It’s a great time to jump in and capture a large number of these coins. The liquidity on pancakeswap is also low. But think about this, if they put 80% into staking rewards, that means they didn’t put a lot into liquidity. This gives you and me a chance to build our own liquidity, and to some extend I have already done that. The APR on that liquidity is currently paying 95%, which is pretty good, especially for a non-incentivized liquidity pair. And you can see that the project marketcap is extremely low, it’s $27 million.

At #2 in the picture above, I am highlighting several 50 coin purchases I have made today. Not HUGE in the scope of things, but it has kept the daily scenario flat or slightly positive in the last 24 hours! I am pointing this out to show that it won’t take much to reverse the trend on this coin and make it look like a superstar!


It takes 500 coins minimum to start staking and earning the up to 1.3% daily. If you go to pancakeswap and try to buy them, please make sure you look at the “price impact”. You want that as low as possible. What I do is buy in increments of 50 coins. I also wait for sales to happen, then I buy back those dips. This helps me keep my buy in prices low.

I already have 1000 coins staking, but I want to build this up to 2500 coins within the next few days. Then I’ll start compounding and growing that even higher, as well as buying in more each week.

What is REVODAO?

REVODAO is a gaming and metaverse project that I believe has a lot of potential. The coin $REVO is already listed on at least 4 exchanges, with Huobi being the one with the most liquidity. I am not able to have a Huobi account right now, but if you are, you might be able to get a better price on the coin off of Huobi as compared to Pancakeswap. If you’re able to get a better price off of Huobi, buy the coins there, then send them to your metamask.

How To Participate

  1. Buy the coins (Pancakeswap or Huobi). If you buy the coins on Huobi, you need to send them to your metamask wallet.
  2. Bind with me as your referrer on REVODAO app.
  3. Go to staking and stake your 500 (or more coins). Approve the staking through your metamask wallet.

Referral rewards are 20%!

Referring others in REVODAO is very lucrative. You earn 20% of the staking rewards of those you refer. If you refer someone who stakes 500 coins, they will earn 1.3% or 6.5 $REVO coins each and every day. In turn for being their referrer, you will earn 1.3 coins! It doesn’t stop there, though. Once you have referred 30,000 coins on your entire team, you are now eligible to earn a share of a company wide daily payout pool! As you continue to refer and build a bigger team, you can earn higher pool levels.

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