Survivor Season 46 Episode 10, “Run The Red Light”

Brian Lathe
1 min readMay 2, 2024
Tiff getting voted out in Tribal Counsel on Survivor Season 46.

Russell Hantz on Twitter/X claims that Season 46 is the worst ever. I disagreed with him in a reply and a few of his followers replied back to me in support of Russell.

In the last two tribal counsels, Hunter and Tiff have been voted out. Both of these started the merge on the “Plus One Alliance”, which I believe was the strongest alliance in the game at the start of the merge. Also, both Hunter and Tiff had idols and were voted out without playing them.

Also in this season, Charlie has won two immunity challenges. One of them was a showdown against Hunter. The other, a showdown against Tiff. And interestingly in both wins, the person he was in the showdown with was the person voted out in Tribal. Charlie is not someone that I would have picked to be a serious immunity challenge threat.

So we’ve had two idols go home with contestants this season. I was expecting this episode to have at least some idol hunting. I’m hoping Episode 11 has some idol hunting.