Uprock team attends Solana Crossroads event in Istanbul, Turkey

Brian Lathe
3 min readMay 18, 2024
Uprock team attends Solana Crossroads event in Instanbul, Turkey May 2024.

Uprock team attends Solana Crossroads 2024

Solana Crossroads is an exciting event for enthusiasts of the Solana layer 1 blockchain ecosystem. Uprock’s team attended this event. This article focuses on Uprock, but I will also soon post an article about Solana Crossroads as a whole.

What is Uprock $UPT?

Uprock ($UPT) is a Solana blockchain token with a real use case and more than a dozen partners in the DEPIN space. DEPIN stands for “DEcentralized Physical Infrastructure Network”. With more than 700,000 monthly active miners who have the Uprock app already installed on their phones receiving hourly $UPT emissions, partners are lining up to take advantage and work with Uprock to deploy their ideas. More than 10,000 new app downloads are happening on a daily basis!

When is Uprock ($UPT) Launching?

The Uprock ($UPT) token, on the Solana blockchain will be launching on Jupiter LFG launchpad this month. This is a very exciting event as more than 1.2 million people have downloaded the Uprock app and more than 100,000 people are actively engaged with Uprock through multiple social media channels.

This launch on the Jupiter LFG launchpad will allow everyone to participate in purchasing the Uprock token at the launch price. After launch, the token will be listed on one or more Solana blockchain decentralized exchanges where trading and the establishment of an Uprock token market price will take place. We will then be able to track that price on popular sites like DEXscanner.

What is the Uprock Use Case?

Uprock currently has more than 700,000 monthly active miners all around the world. The app allows Uprock to access websites and gather data from multiple worldwide locations simultaneously. This data is used to train A.I. and gain knowledge. Multiple businesses around the world want access to the speed and reliability that Uprock can provide in obtaining this data. As a customer purchases services from Uprock, it buys $UPT off the market at market prices. These coins will then be used by Uprock to be distributed to Uprock miners through the app. These are additional bonus coins in addition to the regularly scheduled emissions plan in the $UPT tokenomics. This increases our normally received emissions each time we have actual customers purchasing services from Uprock.

How can Brian help me with Uprock?

I am looking to help the Uprock community in several ways! As the $UPT coin gets listed on decentralized exchanges, I will share how you can HODL or SELL the token. I will also talk about various Solana wallets that can be used to interface with the decentralized exchanges as well as your main crypto exchanges that accept Solana. I’ll also help with fiat currency on/off ramps that will allow you to buy $UPT anytime or sell it to get actual money in your hands. I’m willing to help with several other Uprock community needs as well. This will include if staking potentials or yield farming potentials are available.

Uprock Referral Program

Uprock has a referral program and a 10 year emissions schedule in their tokenomics. That means this program will pay you on your phone for the next 10 years at a minimum! If customers continue to buy services from Uprock, it can last far longer than this! Because those customers will continue to buy $UPT at market price and those coins will be distributed to miners as a course of normal business. When customers buy services from Uprock, it increases the emissions, we as miners receive. Because we receive our normally scheduled emissions plus these new customer purchased emissions. We also receive 1% bonus for the mining of each of our personally referred members.

If you are not yet a member of Uprock, please register through my referral link.

Uprock’s Future

Uprock has other exciting bonuses and future plans for its members and miners. For example, each Wednesday UTC time, we all receive bonus $WEN tokens, one of Uprock’s partners. This past Wednesday, I received well over 100 $WEN tokens! Other partners are planning to “airdrop” their tokens to the Uprock community as well. Uprock is planning to utilize it’s membership base to shop special discounts for the community.