What is a “decentralized perpetual futures exchange”? How can I earn 1% to 5% daily?

Brian Lathe
13 min readOct 20, 2023
Earn 1% to 5% DAILY with these two new decentralized exchange crypto passive income projects!

Perpetual Futures or “Derivatives” are 60% of the revenue of the largest exchanges in the world.

In studying the collapse of the FTX exchange, researchers have learned that derivatives account for 60% of all the top exchanges revenue. A derivative or perpetual futures is a contract, whereby you are trading now based on the future delivery price of an underlying asset such as bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH), doge coin (DOGE), or ripple (XRP). It is different from spot trading, which is based on the current market prices of the underlying asset. Because leverage can be applied to derivatives or perpetual futures trading, it makes the gains and losses more powerful for traders. For example, if 10X leverage is applied to a perpetual futures trade, a 1% movement on the spot price will result in a 10% gain in the same perpetual futures trade. You do not have to fully understand trading to make money on what I am talking about in this article. The whole perpetual futures market is a $50 billion dollars a day market. That is why there is so much interest in this market right now.

Potential to Earn 1% to 5% Daily

I am not a financial planner. Please do your own independent research using my results as a guide and feel free to ask me for more clarification and other sources that you can follow to gain your own research into any project I talk about. After careful research and fully understanding potential risks, then proceed with depositing into these projects only funds that you are able to lose, as no projects in life are guaranteed, and especially those in markets like forex and crypto. I am not promising or guaranteeing that you will have the same results that I have, even if you follow the exact steps I have taken. But I will do everything I can to help you do as well as you can.

L7DEX pays out 1.35% daily, 7 days a week, or 9.45% weekly, with a $100 minimum to join the business. There is optional secondary staking that pays out 1.5% to 2% daily, 7 days a week. This secondary staking is how you actually earn the $LSD token (BEP-20) on the Binance Smart Chain in your metamask wallet. You also earn 5% upline two levels up and 10% downline two levels down. Unilevel. There is potential to earn 10% or more infinity bonus on your entire downline. All of these commissions added up together puts you in position to earn from 1% to up to 5% daily, all 7 days a week.

OTX is currently operating from a FREE air drop program, where everyone gets 10 OTX coins completely FREE just by registering through email. No KYC, no wallet is needed. No prior experience in crypto is needed. Super simple. You can earn referral OTX coins by referring others to the FREE air drop. On or around the 15th of November, 2023 the air drop will end completely. At that time, a paid $50 minimum network marketing passive income program will launch paying up to 1% per day 7 days a week. Pay attention to OTX’s twitter and my Brian’s Bitcoin Buddies WhatsApp chat for announcement details. The paid $50 minimum network marketing passive income program will offer both primary and secondary staking. The secondary staking, just like L7DEX, will pay higher rewards and is completely optional.

L7DEX and OTX have been recent “big hitters” in my overall portfolio. OTX value is based on the 10 cent launch price of the OTX coin. If the coin gains value, this could be a significant future gain in my portfolio value.


This article contains information that is likely to change, as these projects are just lifting off and getting started. I will do my best to keep updating this article as information is no longer correct, and have it reflect the most recent known and correct information. In March of 2024, I will fully DELETE this article, as by that time, I will have written several other articles that lead people to discovery of these businesses and the strategies to maximize earnings from them.

Coinbase Advanced just listed perpetual futures for BTC, ETH, XRP

Coinbase, one of the largest centralized crypto exchanges in the world, has just launched perpetual futures trading for a few key cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, members of the United States are not allowed to partake in perpetual futures trading. Coinbase is a centralized exchange. Through a decentralized exchange, members of the United States may be able to engage in perpetual futures trading. This article is not about Coinbase, it is about decentralized exchanges.

Google search results on Oct 20th, 2023 showing that this move by Coinbase Exchange is a current thing!

This is why L7DEX (Lucky 7 Decentralized Exchange) and OTX (Open Trade Exchange) are launching decentralized exchanges

Because perpetual futures represent 60% of the top exchanges revenue and the market for this is $50 billion dollars per day, that is why there is so much interest in this market right now. Both L7DEX and OTX see this and both have opened up opportunities for the average person to profit as they launch decentralized perpetual futures trading exchanges.

By becoming involved now, you can earn from 1% to 5% daily with passive income and optional referral income opportunities. Please continue to read on where I discuss similarities and differences, as well as how to join each.

L7DEX’s $LSD coin is already listed on Huboi (HTX), MEXC, and Gate.io. These are high level crypto trading exchanges. Soon we will be able to put our LSD/USDT as liquidity and earn a yield for exchanges on pancakeswap, HTX, MEXC and Gate.io plus future exchanges soon to be launched. The goal is to launch one major exchange each month through the next several months. We do not have to buy any LSD. We will EARN it through the passive income program. We will be able to earn yield on staking LSD long term, even after the high yield passive income program hype dies down. So ROI quickly and put yourself in a winning scenario long term!

What are the similarities between L7DEX and OTX?

Both companies are offering passive income revenue streams with optional referral based income streams. Both companies are offering an underlying decentralized perpetual futures trading exchange which will provide long term income years down the road.

In both companies you can ROI soon, start growing and compounding on “house money” and retain the main coins of the project long term. Both companies allow staking and yield farming for long term passive income years after the initial high yield business, may die down. Your goal should be to ROI soon, continue on “house money” taking profits as needed, but retain some of the underlying coins ( $LSD and $OTX ) for some very long term passive rewards for years to come. You should never have to buy these coins, you will simply earn them as passive rewards in the business.

Both high yield passive projects include an initial staking program as well as a secondary staking program. In both programs, the secondary staking programs have even higher yields than the initial staking programs. Both high yield referral programs are using unilevel compensation plans.

What is different about L7DEX?

L7DEX (Lucky 7 Dex) is developed by Chinese founders with a track record of success in multiple business ventures and deep pockets. $LSD coin is a Binance Smart Chain token, traded on MEXC, Huobi, and Gate.io. $LSD is listed on Coin Gecko and Coin MarketCap websites. More exchange listings are coming. The high yield passive income business launched in June 2023 and currently has over 70,000 active paid members.

L7DEX exchange will be launching during the month of October 2023. Long term liquidity staking and yield farming is coming soon, which will create a long term passive income from the $LSD tokens you earn in the high yield passive income business. In addition to the high yield passive income business, L7DEX is also being promoted through the exchange communities and in public worldwide crypto conferences. The founders claim that after L7DEX is fully launched and two to three years down the road, other projects will be launched and your existing L7DEX referral teams can follow along to the new projects, therefore creating a long term referral business.

$LSD coin will inflate up to a 210 million coin circulating supply. At that point, then L7DEX trading fee profits will begin to burn the coin supply down to 21 million. That will make each coin you earn and hold long term up to 10X more valuable. L7DEX will also become a coin launch pad in addition to a decentralized exchange. New crypto projects that want to use the influence of the L7DEX community will need to purchase $LSD tokens to launch their new tokens. On going, the trading fees and the launching of new projects will drive buying demand on the $LSD token, to keep prices high and thus also keep the ongoing value to stake and yield farm the $LSD token long term.

The founders of L7DEX have put $5 billion dollars of USDT into this project to fund the initial high yield passive income side. That initial $5 billion, plus the revenue derived from sales of stakeable NFTs is what is funding the passive right now. Because of this “deep pocket” and track record of success in multiple businesses, is why this project is already listed on Coin Gecko, Coin Marketcap, and traded on several top level exchanges at such an early age in development.

Coin Gecko and Coin MarketCap have been tracking the $LSD price for the past 30 days. You do not have to buy the $LSD coin. You will earn it through the high yield passive income program.

How can I join L7DEX?

Please connect your metamask wallet to my referral link. https://L7DEX.finance/myTeam?uid=L76DSPXE4Q After connecting, please BIND your wallet to my referral code “L76DSPXE4Q” and accept this transaction in your wallet. This is how our referral relationship is established and it registers you into the business. This is a fully decentralized relationship, only our wallet addresses are shared. No KYC, no names, no email addresses or any other personal information is needed. Therefore, if you connect your wallet to mine in this app, please contact me via WhatsApp, as I won’t have any other way of knowing that you joined me.

After you connect your wallet, ensure that your wallet is funded with at least $100 USDT (bep-20) and a small amount of BNB (bep-20) for gas fees. Go ahead and buy at least one $100 NFT and then stake it. You will have several choices of days to stake each of the NFTs you purchase. You can purchase multiple NFTs and stake each of them at different number of days if you wish. In my future articles and videos I will be sharing the number of NFTs I have and how long I have staked each of them, so that you can see how I am positioning my strategy in this business.

When your staking period is up, you can renew the staking with a new time of staking or you can sell back your NFT to gain back most of your initial capital.

If you need any help connecting, BINDing, buying your NFTs, staking your NFTs, please immediately reach out to me on WhatsApp for help. If you want to better understand strategies for maximizing your income or have any questions about the business, please also reach out to me immediately for help.

What is different about OTX?

OTX is a decentralized exchange and it is also a layer one EVM compatible blockchain with sharding technology. Being a blockchain is a significant difference than just being a token on an already existing blockchain. It is a significant potential advantage and also a significant potential risk. If the blockchain does really well, this project has potential to be 1000X or more over the next 3 to 5 years. There are no guarantees that the blockchain itself will be successful, there is definite risk involved. The rest of this article, I will be writing assuming the project takes off wildly and becomes successful.

Sharding is a technology that allows a blockchain to have transactions run on an ever expanding bandwidth, allowing more transactions to flow on the blockchain while keeping gas prices low. Sharding has been talked about in crypto since 2021, but I have not seen it successfully deployed yet in a layer 1 blockchain. So if OTX has actually pulled this off, they could be the first to have done it.

The OTX blockchain project will include the decentralized exchange, and NFT marketplace, and a secure wallet. Long term road map includes a centralized exchange and an educational platform.

OTX started out with a FREE Airdrop in mid-October 2023. At the time of writing, 19 days exist in the free air drop program. At the end of these 19 days, the high yield staking passive income program launches. The launch price of the $OTX token will be 10 cents.

In addition to the OTX airdrop and the high yield passive income program, OTX is also launching by allowing leaders in local areas to buy and hold OTX coins that they can sell with local fiat currencies and then provide directly to the wallets of new crypto users. This will allow people in many markets around the world that have never been able to own or participate in crypto to become involved. I believe that this will create a huge community of brand new crypto enthusiasts who are owning crypto for the very first time and they will be less likely to desire to dump their coins for profit. This large community will also need and thrive on an educational platform. I believe that when a project has interest as a blockchain, as a network marketing opportunity, as well as being a large community project, it has great potential for actual success.

How can I join OTX?

Right now you can join OTX by participating in the OTX air drop. This is completely FREE. You will obtain 10 OTX coins simply by registering by email. Please use my referral link. https://otx.exchange/airdrop/380111155

Enter your email address in the form provided and submit. The system will then send an OTP (one time password) to your email address. Go to your email and get the OTP. Enter the OTP into the form provided and continue registration. If you have any problems registering, please reach out to me via WhatsApp immediately.

I currently have 878 OTX coins. My goal is to have over 1500 coins and refer more than 100 people personally to this airdrop project. This air drop project is completely FREE, does not require KYC, and does not require you knowing any fancy technology or wallet connection. Registration is done only through email.

This is my dash board. Everyone gets the 10.00 OTX airdrop. It is optional to refer others. If you are referring others, you count your 10 initial OTX coins and add them to what you see in the referral earned. That is how I have 878 OTX coins, according to this dashboard display. More than 363,722 people have claimed 10 free OTX coins. That is not a guarantee that all 363,722 of these people will actually pay money to join the high yield passive income business. Most likely, only 10% of those will pay money to actually join it. OTX is promoting Twitter and Telegram through the dashboard, so they have 100K followings in both. That is strong, in my opinion, and should result in a solid future for this project. If they meet their roadmap commitments and keep their community happy, big things can definitely happen!

Common problems in crypto projects that are avoided in both L7DEX and OTX.

There are many common problems that spell death to numerous crypto projects. I will highlight a few.

  • The project does not gain a significant community size and/or does not encourage an open debate forum. Both telegram groups for L7DEX and OTX have achieved more than 60,000 members. Both telegram communities allow open chatting with all members, including unpaid members of the public. The project admins for both projects are keeping spammers and unwanted content out of the discussions, but are not banning people for on topic content, even if it is questioning or “negative”. This is a good sign of a helpful community that is ready to engage and not harm it’s potential future community. OTX’s telegram chat is very open and active, but once you post you are not allowed to post again for 3.5 minutes. This keeps the discussion flow slower and easier to follow as it limits “flooding” of the discussion.
  • Lots of crypto projects involve inflating their tokens wildly with no substantial long term project on the back end that will create a long term revenue source. Both of these projects have a decentralized exchange as part of the project on the back end. I believe there is enough bandwidth in the decentralized exchange marketplace to substantiate both of these projects to have great success, even though it could be seen that they are competing against each other. Inflation of a crypto token creates a strong selling pressure as people earn the coin and then want to sell it. But most of these projects have very little or even nothing as the long term vision to create any buying pressure whatsoever. Stay away from crypto projects that do not have a clear revenue stream for the long term future of the project as those projects fail 99.999% of the time.
  • A project that claims to “buy back and burn” their token is a common theme presented in many crypto projects. I have never seen buying back and burning be something that does significant improvement to a project. Three coins that have done some of the most significant buying back and burning in the entire industry are $ETH, $BNB, and $CRO. And you can look and see that even though burning has taken place in these coins well above industry average through the crpto winter, it has not cause substantial gains, as all of these coins have dropped in value throughout the whole crypto winter and bear market. Do not count on buying back and burning to be the saving grace of a project. It’s not a sign of death, but if it’s all that a project has to offer, it’s definitely not enough. L7DEX will have buying back and burning to get it’s initial 210 million circulation burned down to 21 million. But the decentralized DEX is the big feature to propell the future, not the buying back and burning. OTX may employ some buying back and burning, but that is not fully known at this time.


Both L7DEX and OTX are exceptional projects for October, November, December of 2023 as well as into January and February of 2024. Keep following me on my Brian’s Bitcoin Buddies WhatsApp chat as well as this Medium blog and my YouTube and Rumble channels for content related to project that I recommend beyond those dates. I highly recommend getting involved now, and even building a referral team if you so desire. Do that in both projects if you are able.

I have started tracking my overall passive income portfolio to now include the actual dollar values deposited into each project. My weekly spreadsheet also includes the dates and a percentage column showing the growth of each individual project for that specific week, as well as the overall weekly total portfolio value. My goal is to gain 5–10% weekly in my overall project. My goal in my project is to achieve a $25,000 overall portfolio by the end of 2023.

These are my week final results for Oct 8th through 15th, 2023. Please follow this Medium blog for each week end’s results. More frequent results are shared in my Brian’s Bitcoin Buddies WhatsApp chat group.

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